I’m Bart!

I design sound for games.

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About me

I'm a passionate and innovative sound designer and audio artist who continually pushes the boundaries in a search for a better sonic experience. Over the last 11 years I have worked on more than 25 games with different teams across Europe, working with indie, as well as AAA game developers. The combination of these experiences has enabled me the space to develop extensive creative processes thinking outside of the box, as well as broadening my own perspective while allowing me to gain a solid knowledge of the game industry and audio in general.

Quality and delivering the highest standard of audio has always been my passion. This has been recognised multiple times throughout my career and education; After completing my BA Audio and Music Production in 2012, I was awarded the Sennheiser Music Production Award, and GUS Dudgeon foundation. In 2016, the culmination of TTGames' passion, energy and creative spirit was acknowledged and celebrated when we were awarded the BAFTA Children's Game Award for the Lego Dimension.

My broad skillset and audio focused experience, honed and developed at the leading edge games companies across EU, has established me as a great team member with a unique take on game's sound design and audio vision.



E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +48 539 991 284